Review – Justice League

The long awaited Justice League movie has finally arrived and I went to see it as soon as I could. DC has not had a great track record with the only movie in the DCEU that has had critical acclaim being Wonder Woman, however with Justice League they hoped to alter the course and have a box office and critical hit. In Justice League we have a world that following the death of Superman is faced with an alien threat that forces Batman and Wonder Woman to recruit other heroes to defeat the threat they are facing in order to save the Earth.

Coming into this movie I had a lot of mixed feelings. I had not enjoyed most of the DCEU films and had found them to be very flawed. The tone of the films was not a tone I enjoy and the portrayal of characters like Superman was in my opinion very disconcerting and removed from what the character should be like. Thus I was in a way very apprehensive about the film. That said I was also really looking forward to this film since it was about the Justice League, the premiere superhero team in all of comics with some if not the most iconic heroes of all time. I have always been more of a Marvel comic fan but the Justice League had me really excited.


So, did the movie deliver? Well the answer is not a simple one. By no means is this a bad movie, it is fun and entertaining and I think it stands above the other DCEU films, except Wonder Woman. Yet despite this, I felt that it was lacking something and that it was not a good a movie as it should have been. Whilst I did enjoy the film at no point was I blown away by it, there was nothing spectacular that spoke to me or made me really excited.

The movie overall is fun and has a great pace. The interaction between the characters really work, Aquaman played by Jason Momoa was all kinds of awesome, the new Flash was great, Cyborg worked for me and Gal Gadot was incredible and remains the strongest asset that the DCEU currently has. I also found that they have improved the characters of Batman and Superman compared to the previous instalments. Another aspect that I enjoyed was the lighter tone yet still dark enough to make you feel the stakes. The action in the movie was also another bright aspect as it was well paced and shot.

However the movie had some issues. First of all the CGI was sometimes really bad. The moustache debacle with Henry Cavill is very noticeable and Steppenwolf (besides being a bad developed villain in the film) looks awful and fake. The other issue I had with the film was that it lacked a spectacular moment. The return of Superman should have been a monumental moment but it was somehow lacking punch, it did not feel as big as it should have and this can be said for most of the film. We had some of the greatest most iconic characters on screen together yet at no moment did it feel huge, it was just OK.


A small pet peeve I had and it might be ridiculous is that they incorporated in a quick moment the Batman 1989 theme and John Williams Superman Theme. The latter especially is a favourite of mine and hearing it used so quickly and in a small moment only served to remind me how much better and epic it would have been if they had included it on the film.

Overall Justice League was a fun enough movie and good step towards a better future for the DCEU, they improved the tone and the action was great. That said the movie was lacking in “epicness” and that is something they need to work on. They need to work on that, on making the big moments feel bigger. Hopefully with the next DCEU movies they continue improving this and by the time Justice League 2 comes around we will be awed by the film.


A Love Letter to Logan

Today after I finished work I ran straight to the theatres to see Logan. I have been hyped about this movie for a very long time. People who know me are aware that my greatest love in the comic book world is the X-Men series. I have always loved the stories of the X-men and have a huge collection of comics and figures from the X-Men stories. I relate to most of the characters and my favourite character in comics alongside Spider-Man is Cyclops. Wolverine is a huge part of what makes me love the X-Men and he is without a doubt their most popular member. I am big fan of “Old Man Logan” by Mark Millar and it stands as one of my favourite alternate universe stories of all time. So coming into this movie I was clearly very excited to see the last time Hugh Jackman was going to play this iconic role and I entered the theatre with high expectations.

I was not disappointed. This movie is GREAT. First of all let me say that this movie is great beyond the concept of superhero movies. It is a fantastic wester/comic book movie/standalone film that draws you in with a well-developed story and some of the best performances in a comic book movie. The movie draws inspiration from different comics, not just Old Man Logan and it does so in a great fashion. Anybody who sees this movie will enjoy it. It is a very emotional movie, which delivers high stakes moments where you feel very connected to all the characters, even the new ones. The relation between Charles (Professor X) and Logan is beautiful and X-23 was everything I wanted her to be as she was a ruthless killer but at the same time incredibly vulnerable.


I felt like the movie captured the tone of Wolverine as a character better than any movie before. The gritty violence that comes with the character, the gruffness that hides his pain and vulnerability and his rough exterior, all of this things are shown perfectly. The movie is not by any means an adaptation of the excellent comic but it does a really good job of replicating the tone of that world. The action scenes were spectacular and I have to highlight the last action scene when Logan goes berserk and fights alongside X23, that scene will remain forever one of my most treasured action superhero scenes.

This movie is not your typical comic book movie but it works perfectly for one simple reason, Wolverine. If there is one mainstream popular comic book character that deserved and could give us a good violent R rated movie it was Wolverine. It is important to realize that for other comic book movies this type of tone and violence will probably not work. Wolverine was created for this type of stories and movies. I enjoyed immensely the movie and the pace of it.


It is important to note that this is a standalone movie and it is my opinion that we should not look too much into the continuity of this movie in regards to the previous X-Men movies since this movie takes the liberties in story it needs to take to give us a great story and we should not look beyond that. However in regards to other X-Men movies what it has reminded me is how much I love the X-Men and how great this characters and this universe is.

I can’t recommend enough this movie and I hope that everyone goes to see this excellent, bold movie. I am also once again excited for the X-Men movies but most of all this movie has made me want to read again good X-Men comic book stories and I hope Marvel can deliver this once again.

Wolverine, you magnificent bastard, this was awesome. Thank you for those 137 minutes you gave me. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, I will always be thankful for your portrayal and let me say that if this is your last X-Men movie well…what a way to go!


New Blog, New Beginnings

So this is it my first post in this new blog! For a long time I have wanted to share my knowledge of comics, films, games, wrestling, tv shows… with the world but was never really sure how to do it! But after thinking about it and listening to many podcasts/youtube video/whatever i could get my hands on, I decided to start a new blog!

Hopefully through this media I will be able to finally use all the knowledge I have always had and have never really been able to use! I will be sharing my thoughts over stuff like Civil War 2, the new Star Wars movies and hopefully this will also help wiwth my other project my youtube channel!

As for me, well I am 25 years old, my name is Alejandro Montero from Spain and I am a Political Scientist, working right now in public administration helping Start-ups grow and develop. However I have recently realized (and yeah kinda late…way to go Alejandro) that my true passion lies in film and basically all things nerd! As a result I have recently started to endeavour to be involved in some capacity in this world and this will be one of my outlets!

Anyways, enough ramblings, here is my nerdy blog, I hope people enjoy and actually that someone reads it, which now that I think about it…is going to be the greatest challenge! Bring it on Internet!

See ya!