Review – Star Wars Rebels Twin Suns


Twin Suns has been an episode that all Star Wars fans have been awaiting for a long time. This episode gave us the long awaited final confrontation between Maul and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi that has been building up since Maul was revealed to be alive. Maul has been ever since that moment searching for Ben Kenobi in his desire to achieve to revenge against the man that defeated him in Phantom Menace. They had fought before during the Clone Wars series but now it was different as many years had passed and both were very different characters. Before you read further, please be aware that there is going to be spoilers ahead.

In the episode we finally got the payoff to a story that has been slowly developing over the years and in my opinion it was beautiful. The duel was a very short duel, barely lasting seconds and with a total of only 3 moves. This has led to a much divided opinion among Star Wars fans as some fans hate the short ending but I think it is a perfect ending to the story. This duel was never meant to be a long duel such as the ones we saw in the prequels but it was more of a duel of emotions such as the duels in the Original Trilogy.

The characters were different this time around and this was shown in the episode. Maul was consumed by hatred completely whilst the Obi Wan we see in the episode is an older, wiser and in peace person. He has come to terms with his role and is now a calm Jedi. It is also worth noticing that Obi-Wan is stronger than Maul, who never fully finished his training as a Sith. For me the battle was less of a physical battle and more of a mental battle, a battle in which Obi-Wan Kenobi is clearly much ahead of him.


The episode in my opinion was great, whilst it is true the beginning does drag a little at some points as soon as we Ezra meets Kenobi the episode reaches a new level. In their interaction we see a great teacher that commands respect and is able to show Ezra, calmly, the error of his ways. The fact that Ezra is so quick to obey him was great and showed us the respect Obi Wan exudes to others. The way Maul died was worthy of his character and at the end Maul was able to find peace. The last scene with the theme was in my opinion the perfect way to end this episode and end this story as it reminds us why Obi-Wan is not part of the rebellion, his role is to be the unknown protector of Luke Skywalker until the time comes to teach him, a role he is at peace with.

Star Wars Rebels in my opinion is a hit and miss show. Many episodes are somewhat boring but this episode knocked it out of the park. It is very dangerous for the series whenever they deal with the main characters from the movies but this time they did a great episode that paid homage to the Ben Kenobi we see in the Original Trilogy and was the perfect ending to the Maul story, a character tormented by rage and hate that was at the end defeated by his nemesis, a person that is completely at peace with himself, and is thus at last able to find peace.


This episode reminded me of why I have always considered Ben Kenobi my favourite character in Star Wars. I for one can’t wait to see the ending of the season next week and the Last Jedi film. All I can do whilst I wait for that day is relax in my couch and listen to the great Binary Sunset theme, in my opinion the best theme in the Star Wars saga.

P.S Obi-Wan thinking that Luke is the chosen one is not a mistake by the writers. Obi-Wan at this point has given up on Anakin and truly believes Luke is the chosen one.


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