On Aayla Secura and Quintan Vos

The other day I wrote about how I wished Mara Jade would somehow make her way back into canon and the fact that I miss her character. Over the past few days I have not been able to write as much as I was at the Mobile World Congress but a thought has been popping into my head lately about two of my favourite Star Wars characters who are technically still in Canon but have lost some of their story, of what made them special, due to the change from Dark Horse to Marvel Comics when Disney bought the franchise. I am, of course, talking about two of the greatest comic book characters in the Star Wars EU…Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura.


In my opinion those two were the best Master/Padawan combo!

Now, I am well aware that both of this characters are still canon. In Revenge of the Sith, Quinlan gets mentioned and we do get that heart breaking scene with Aayla where she becomes a victim of Order 66, however I do wish that we could get some of their backstory back into canon. Dark Horse gave us great stories with this two characters and they became my favourite, especially Aayla. I loved the story arc they went through, losing their memory and struggling with the dark side, rejoining the order and their struggles in the Clone Wars with Quinlan flirting with the dark side before being saved and brought back to the light by Aayla.

Quinlan was a jedi whose memories was stolen and would go to struggle for years with his identity and with the Dark Side, infiltrating the inner circle of the Count Dooku, falling to the Dark Side before he was brought back to the light. Quinlan was a rich character with tons of development and an awesome background and story.


Quinlan Vos during the Clone Wars

Taught by Master Tholme, as well as Yoda and Windu, in order to control his inner darkness Vos would show us the underworld of the Star Wars universe in a way that had not been shown before to us. His look added to his appeal and his survival of Order 66 was an excellent gift to all of us fans who had loved many of the Jedi that were killed in the comics.

Aayla Secura, let me start by saying this; she was my favourite character in the Expanded Universe, at least in the comics based around the time of the prequels. Aayla was the padawan of Quinlan and just like him she also lost her memories after being drugged. However unlike Quinlan she never struggled much with the dark side once she was able to first overcome it and became the backbone of her master always helping him come back to the light side of the force. She was a strong leader during the Clone Wars and one of the most interesting characters in the Star Wars universe.

She was such a beloved character and so intriguing that George Lucas himself decided to include her in the films. She was one of the few completely original characters from the comics that made into the films. I always loved all the stories she was involved in and thought she was a great fun addition to the universe.


Aayla Secura being an awesome Jedi

I hope that Marvel and Disney find a way to include this characters who between 2000 and 2005 were the protagonist of more than 60 individual comic books and became the heart and soul of Dark Horse’s line of comics. We all fell in love with them and their stories and whilst I realize the difficulty of it, it would be awesome to have them drop a mention or something that at least gives us a hint that their old storylines are officially canon, especially since their actions don’t really impact the story being told by the movies.

While waiting for that day to happen I shall be rereading all the comics and think to myself that this is still canon. After all the beauty of this is that those stories were still told, I will still be able to recall the feelings they gave, the fun I had with them and that means that they will never leave me.


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