Mara Jade Skywalker

There has been a lot of speculation since the Force Awakens premiered over the idea that Luke Skywalker was married and that in the last shot of the movie he is actually standing next to the grave of his dead wife. Fact is, we do not know yet and so far all we can base theories is on pure speculation and a single shot with slightly raised stones. However with the recent announcement that the term Emperor’s Hand is once again official in the world of Star Wars, I think it is a good time as any to talk about the wife of Luke Skywalker in the old EU stories, my favourite legend character Mara Jade Skywalker.

Mara Jade was raised to become the most trusted servant of the Emperor, killing all those her master wished her to do so for many years. Just before the Emperor faced his death at the Second Death Star he gave her what turned out to be his last order as he was dying, kill Luke Skywalker. Haunted by the death of her master she would turn all of her focus on achieving this goal becoming an outlaw, a smuggler and attempting several times unsuccessfully to kill Luke. In trying to achieve her goal she would ultimately fall in love with the Skywalker Jedi marrying him and becoming one of the most powerful Jedi Masters in the new Jedi Order and a key figure in the New Republic who would ultimately die at the hands of her nephew Darth Caedus attempting to protect her son.


The wedding and one of my favourite comics!

I remember fondly reading the comics she was on, loving her character and being captivated by the growth and development of her character both in the books and comics. She was a strong willed woman, capable of standing by herself and giving us not just a good companion for the greatest Jedi Master but also providing a capable independent warrior. Her chapters on the Yuuzhan Vong series were always a personal favourite and among many of my preferred chapters


Mara Jade: Wise Jedi Master, deadly warrior

I honestly hope we somehow get Mara Jade in the official canon again. If there ever is to be a wife for Luke it would be a great nod to us fans, who have been reading and devouring everything Star Wars, to have Mara back again. I realize this is highly improbable and even if they do so a lot of changes to the character would have to be implemented to make it fit with the new official story, yet I for one would be jubilant to see this amazing red-haired Jedi back into cannon (even if when Star Wars the Last Jedi begins she is already dead). The thought of seeing new comics with Mara, I will admit is a thought that makes me extremely happy.

Whilst I wait for that day to come, knowing full well that it is extremely unlike this day will ever come, I will be chilling in my room reading everything I own with Mara and hoping for her return.


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