Star Wars Theories and Fandom

I have always enjoyed thinking about Star Wars theories. All of the many books, encyclopaedias and comics I have collected in Star Wars (most of them now considered part of the EU) have been bought in a quest for me to know more about that galaxy far far away that has enthralled me so. Having read so much and seen the movies so many times one of the aspects I enjoy about Star Wars is coming up with theories about what will happen in the future. That I said I believe that lately the whole theorizing with Star Wars has gotten out of control!

As soon as Force Awakens finished I was already thinking about who Rey really was, who Snoke might be, why Luke was alone in that planet or what might happen in the next Star Wars movie. If you are a Star Wars fan that is unavoidable, our love for the story, for the world its set on makes us want to know more and more and more and that is of course a very good thing (especially for Disney since they know we are going to devour anything Star Wars related.) However I have the feeling that lately that this tendency is slowly becoming harmful, and it is not just exclusive to Star Wars.


Snoke is clearly an ewok

Theories on who Snoke is, the parents of Rey etc…are found everywhere. People use the tiniest of possibilities to present us theories that become too far-fetched but also very interesting. The problems lies with the fact that when some of this awesome theories (not the ridiculous ones like Snoke=Mace Windu) do not become true fans are disappointed even though they were never a possibility. I have seen this happening with Game of Thrones, the theories some fans came up with are incredible and sound really interesting, however when they don’t come to fruition, since they were really far-fetched, fans become angry about it and disappointed in the show/film. I feel like there is a danger of this happening with Star Wars and the current amount of theories floating around. There is also the danger of spoiling yourself too much, some of the theories might actually be correct and fans who read them when they go to see the movie might find themselves disappointed since they had predicted that would happen.

The internet is a wonderful thing that has allow us to communicate with people all around the world but it has also made us really impatient and overeager to have an immediate response and knowledge. We need to find a balance with coming up with theories and also waiting to see how the movies surprises us. I personally can’t wait to see the movie and be surprised by all of it.

Meanwhile I will be kicking back confident in that Rey is a Skywalker, Mara Jade will feature in canon and Snoke is secretly an ewok wanting revenge for the Rebels bringing death to their home.



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