Make Cyclops Great Again

Ever since I can remember reading comics I have always loved, loved the X-Men. I love their stories, the underdog theme, the stakes of their race being in danger, their arcs, their villains, the challenges they face and the reflection of it in our society, their message and most of all I have always loved the characters. From the strong ahead of their time female characters that I loved like Jean Grey and Storm to the leader of the X-Men, Scott Summers. See while I know most people like the anti-hero, the Wolverine, in regards to comics I have always liked the straight up heroes, the good nice guys, just like Cyclops (Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker…)

Those characters have always appealed to me and Cyclops is perhaps my favourite because he is an XMan. Lately however, in my opinion, they have gone from having him at his best some years ago to destroying his character in favor of Wolverine. To start we need to go back to the early 2000s and Joss Weedons magical and incredible run throughout the Astonishing X-Men (point to corner). See although Cyclops had great moments before this for me this is when his character became kick-ass. Through his pairing with prob my fave Xwomen (whom I miss) Emma Frost he became an awesome assertive leader. They presented him to us as the guy who always has a plan and it was AWESOME (show some comic panels). His character was really cool, alongside Emma they were a strong powerful and assertive couple capable of leading mutants. This only continued throughout the next years with House of M and him facing mutant extinction. I mean he was such a cool character, and for me his greatest moment came when he beat with his plan Norman Osborn during X-Men Utopia which was beautifully followed by Second Coming perhaps my favourite modern X-Men story.

But then came AvX and that is what killed Cyclops as a character. They decided to turn him villain and destroy him just so that they could push the Avengers and Wolverine. Wolverine as a man who did not want kids to be trained to fight….right….wolverine….the man who murders….who trained Jubilee and others….yes that makes sense. The worst thing though was that Cyclops actions were correct! He was fighting to save a whole species with just 300 members who was being targeted for destruction! And the Phoenix did come for what he said, restore mutants! SO DESPITE EVERYTHING HE WAS RIGHT OVERALL

Cyclops being portrayed like that is the result of Marvel not being capable of produce good X-Men Stories. Nowadays because they lost the rights to the movies, all they do is give Inhumans amazing storie, have them be important, but lets be honest, they are not the X-Men. Yes, they are cool but they are not the XMen characters that for years and years have entertained us and given us some of the best stories, and this fall of the Xmen is seen in Cyclops.

Nowadays after what seemed to be them stepping in the right direction in the last issue of Uncanny X-Men before Secret Wars, with Cyclops giving a message of hope to the world, a classic X-Men message they decided to throw it all away and have him die a meaningless death. This is wrong. Cyclops should not be used like that, he is one of the most amazing characters in Comics mythos, and the leader of the X-Men, the man who throughout all the crisis lead them, the man who was involved with two of the most powerful telepaths ever, the man who defeated Norman Osborn and the man who saved mutantkind from extinction. Cyclops represents the classic awesome hero, the one that is always ready to sacrifice himself for the weak, not this villain who is not even in the comics anymore. Let’s make the X-Men great again, let’s give them classic X-Men stories where they can thrive, let’s remember what made them the most popular Marvel comic, let’s make Cylops remember great again, and remember Cyclops was right.


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