Star Wars EU or Legends

During the Christmas holiday I went to my family home. Whilst staying there I had the chance to look back at a lot the Star Wars material that I have around the house (basically comics, books and the old Star Wars encyclopedia I have). Besides realizing how much money I have spent on Star Wars stuff (literally if I stop and think about it, I realize why I don’t have all the other nice things I want…) I have realized that it is sad how many good stories have been lost now that Disney owns Star Wars.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the way Disney is treating the story and the new and exciting stories we are being told. However it is a bit sad realizing that some of this great stories are being considered non canon. I specifically wish they could somehow bring back everything they did with the Old Republic (thousand of years before Phantom Menace) since those comics and stories were some of my favorite Star Wars stories.

See, I realize the importance of them treating almost everything that happened from Phantom Menace to beyond Return of the Jedi as non canon, since if they did not do this they would be very limited in creating new stories, however some of the stories from the Expanded Universe (now known as Legends) were incredibly good and gave an amazing backstory to the Star Wars world.

I always enjoyed the Old Republic stories, the ones provided by the comics, books and video games, as for me (a history buff) it was awesome to see this characters that were legendary for the character we loved from the main saga. I especially loved the early Jedi stories with their struggles against the Sith Empire and Sith warriors like Exar Kun (a personal favorite)

Nomi Sunrider and Ulic Qel-Droma were my two personal favorite characters

The other comics I really enjoyed were those they did during the Clone Wars, especially those regarding my favorite character Aayla Secura as it showed basically the development of a war, which lets be honest, is awesome! Star Wars Clone Wars provided us with some great stories (others not so good) but it made us love those characters and in my opinion made Revenge of the Sith a better movie as seeing those Jedi die was even more heartbreaking.

Aayla Secura was my favorite Jedi and a kickass character!

I hope that Disney and Marvel find a way to bring those stories that provided a backstory to the Star Wars mythos but do not take away from any of the stories they are currently telling. I loved those characters (and spent waaaaaay too much money on them) and was really invested in them so I do hope to once again see them and their awesome stories once again told. Although I will admit that I will love Star Wars no matter what and this might be more wishful thinking and nostalgia talking since bringing the Dark Horse comics into the canon now that Marvel is involved is almost impossible. Reuniting with their stories again has been awesome and hopefully some of them are brought back into the fold.

Until then. May the Force be with You!

See ya!

(P.S. I know my blog does not look great so far, I am still working on improving it so any help will be more than welcome!)


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