New Blog, New Beginnings

So this is it my first post in this new blog! For a long time I have wanted to share my knowledge of comics, films, games, wrestling, tv shows… with the world but was never really sure how to do it! But after thinking about it and listening to many podcasts/youtube video/whatever i could get my hands on, I decided to start a new blog!

Hopefully through this media I will be able to finally use all the knowledge I have always had and have never really been able to use! I will be sharing my thoughts over stuff like Civil War 2, the new Star Wars movies and hopefully this will also help wiwth my other project my youtube channel!

As for me, well I am 25 years old, my name is Alejandro Montero from Spain and I am a Political Scientist, working right now in public administration helping Start-ups grow and develop. However I have recently realized (and yeah kinda late…way to go Alejandro) that my true passion lies in film and basically all things nerd! As a result I have recently started to endeavour to be involved in some capacity in this world and this will be one of my outlets!

Anyways, enough ramblings, here is my nerdy blog, I hope people enjoy and actually that someone reads it, which now that I think about it…is going to be the greatest challenge! Bring it on Internet!

See ya!


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